Our Analytical Apps​

Analytical Apps to Choose From​

Choose from our bouquet of pre-configured analytical apps for industries by Banking & Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare. We also offer cross domain analytical apps for Human Resources and Finance. 

These solutions are designed to enable and empower Business Users to take necessary preventive or corrective action across the customer lifecycle. So, whether your question is “Which of my customers is most likely to attrite” or “What will my sales look like in the coming months” or “How many patients should my hospital expect in the coming days/weeks?” or “What product combinations are my customers most likely to buy” or “Which of my customers are most likely to go delinquent” or any similar business question, you can use Nanobi’s solutions to seek the answers.​

And, if you have a question that our pre-configured solutions do not address, we can always build the solution for you or help you build it depending on your convenience.

In case you don’t find the solution you need listed here, get in touch with us. We will design one based on your requirements.


Banking Analytics​

Analytics for small Non-Banking Financial Services)players to large global financial enterprises​


Retail Analytics​

Analytics for Retail Organizations for critical business areas of Customer, Sales, Inventory and Pricing​


Healthcare Analytics​

Analytics that cover the Payor and Provider side data analytics for US based healthcare providers as well as analytics that cover Hospitals and Insurance Companies​


Horizontal Analytics​

Analytics for processes like Human Resources and Finance that are important for any industry vertical​


Getting the Analytical Apps live with your Data​

Data Plumbing – This is the only step required to get our analytical apps live for you. This is done in multiple ways either using Data Connectors to industry applications or using the Nanobi Platform data acquisition capabilities using either direct database connects to pull data from your application databases or using files loads. ​

​ The analytical apps definitions are also flexible to enable modifications to add new data structures and other definitional constructs to meet your customized requirements.​

Analytical Apps Packaging​

Getting the Industry flavour to our Analytical Apps​


Industry Study

Each of the Analytical Apps have been designed with a lot of industry study and our own experience of delivering these apps to our clients over the years. These Apps are continue to be enriched with every client deployment.​


Design & Configuration​

The analytical apps are configured using the definitional layer of the Nanobi analytics platform. The configuration of these apps include the database design, definition of metrics & attributes for analysis, business logic for transforming data & dashboard definitions​


Packaging & Deployment​

The designed analytical apps are packaged and ready to be deployed at client instances as a one click install. Each deployment goes live by configuring the data pipes, to the client environment, using data acquisition features native to the nanobi platform. ​