Increasing online engagement for seller of esoteric insurance products​

UK’s Leading Insurance Company


  • The UK based insurer sells insurance against esoteric asset classes like Holiday Homes, Caravans etc
  • To lower Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC), the insurer turned to online selling
  • Traditional customers were not used to online purchase and self-service. The web experience had to be designed optimally
  • The insurer wanted to deploy web-chat effectively to make interactions personal
  • Nanobi created an analytical solution covering weblog analytics and visitor profiling with advanced clustering models
  • Data acquisition was automated by using nanobi’s Google Analytics data adapter
  • Integrations were done with policy databases and intermediate databases that stored web-policies
  • Webchat data was analyzed to understand what works and what doesn’t
  • A six month pilot was run
  • Automated data extraction from multiple formats of data including Google Analytics​
  • Algorithmic processing of data from web behavior, webchat sessions and web policy databases​
  • Create a complete solution to address online customer engagement that goes beyond Google Analytics

  • The insurer got an all-round analytical solution that went beyond what a stand-alone GA solution could do
  • The prospect optimized its web design by placing pro-active webchats at critical purchase drop-off points
  • The insurer began targeting younger population who drove renewal decisions for others
  • The prospect established a call-back function that reached out to drop off purchasers within 24 hours