Enabling an Audit Software Product's Analytics and Reporting Capabilities​

Software Product Company in Operational Audit space​


  • The current dashboards did not provide a lot of interactive capabilities  and was static
  • The customer wanted to provide better insights of the data through Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics
  • The customer was looking at a solution that enables easy embedding of the dashboards within their product including the ability to control data a user level
  • Lastly customer was looking at a Multi-Tenant architecture


  • The Nanobi Platform enabled easy integration and embed of the dashboards. The platform also simplified the integration of users and controlling the data that a user has visibility to
  • The dashboards that are implemented now has lot more interactive capabilities
  • Insights generated using statistical techniques are provided to answer the Why and What will happen part of the question
  • 23+ customers across countries gone live on a single instance of Nanobi with each customer having dedicated schema
  • 500+ users across the 23 customers using the dashboards daily
  • 30% reduction in support and development costs

  • Customer is now able to charge their end customers an additional price for dashboards and for usage of features. Enabled an additional revenue source
  • Ease of integration and solution configuration meant the customer has not recruited any additional resource thus reducing the overall costs
  • Gone live with 23 end customers on the cloud  and 4 on-premise customers in less than 8 weeks of project start