Insights using the Powerful Nanobi Analytics Platform and Domain expertise​

On the Healthcare front, Nanobi has solutions that cover the Payor and Provider side data analytics for US based healthcare providers as well as analytics that cover Hospital operations. ​.

Nanobi’s Analytical Tapestry for this vertical cover a range of solutions across patient and provider as well as address internal business requirements across the spectrum of Sales and Customer Management

  • Comprehensive data model​
  • Implementation Services​
  • Pre-configured & Extensible Metadata​
  • Extended managed support services for App upgrade and maintenance​

Sample Use cases – Analytics for Healthcare 

Hospital Scorecards

A fantastic tool for hospital administrators as well as departments and doctors, this solution helps hospitals understand sources of revenue, asset utilization rates, staff performance and turnover, patient wellness and mortality rates and any other metric the hospital may wish to analyze. Using this solution, hospitals can add or remove staff from departments depending on patient requirements, manage chronic care patients better in terms of follow-throughs, change or transform processes to improve patient experience and so on.

Provider Analytics

Ideal for small and medium sized providers in the US, this solution is an economical way for providers to manage their performance, their patients and their revenue and claims process. Be it the analysis of provider performance in terms of number of patients or revenue or other metrics or an analysis of which claims are getting declined by which payor and from which department and doctor or moving trends on approvals, declines and resubmissions, Nanobi’s solution captures it all. So, use it to improve your performance and patient experience.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) analytics for Payors

If you are a payor and wish to analyze revenue leakage through FWA, this is the solution for you. Nanobi’s FWA analytics analyses claims from the leakage angle so that wrongful claims can be identified and those providers notified. Along with a provider scorecard that takes into account STP, decline, resubmission rates as well as timely submissions and so on, this solution enables payors to plug revenue leakages at source.

About us

What We Offer?​

Nanobi’s Healthcare Analytics App broadly are offered around​
  • Provider Solutions – these range from simple Operational Dashboards to monitor Hospital Performance and track key indicators like Revenue, Asset Utilisation, Doctor Performance and more complex analytics like RCM, Denial Analytics and Patient Management Analytics
  • Payor Solutions – these covers Provider Experience Management and Onboarding, Provider Performance Management, Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) Analytics and other standard Business Analytics across Functional Areas
Provider Analytics
  • Hospital Performance​
  • Denial Analytics​
  • Patient Management Analytics​
Payor Analytics​
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)​
  • Provider Performance Management​
  • Provider Experience Management​