Remove the guess work to grow your Business​

Nanobi’s adventure with retail started with our first customer one of India’s largest retail chains that put the Nanobi team to the test with their diverse data and exact needs. ​

Today Nanobi works with several top-notch customers and delivers retail analytics to both small and large enterprises in an “Analytics on the Tap” SaaS mode as well as in a dedicated mode. ​

Our Analytical App offering includes

  • Comprehensive data model​
  • Implementation Services​
  • Pre-configured & Extensible Metadata​
  • Extended managed support services for App upgrade and maintenance​

Sample Use cases – Analytics for Retail  

Store Profitability

Nanobi’s Store Profitability Solution is ideal for retail clients with multiple stores/outlets, who wish to understand store performance and benchmark stores depending on peer group classification. Based on revenue and profitability trends, our retail clients can take decisions related to stocking of products, pricing or even store closures.

Product Recommendations and Optimum Combinations

Our retail clients can utilise our Product Recommendation engine to make suggestions to customers based on their shopping basket as well as historical purchases, likewise the Optimum Combinations Solution attempts to bundle products into combinations that are most likely to work.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Solution

Our QSR Solution is great for fast food restaurants who want to get a sense around which items are moving, what menus are working, what prices are ideal, peak and lull hours and so on in order to help them manage their inventory, optimize their offerings and service customers quickly.

About us

What We Offer?​

Nanobi’s Retail Analytical Apps provides a comprehensive analytics across descriptive to diagnostic, predictive to prescriptive. These analytical apps has been designed to answer questions like;​

  • Are my products selling what and where?​
  • Am I using the right channels to sell?​
  • Are my promotions effective?​
  • Am I facing a stock-out situation?
Customer & Sales Analytics​
  • Segmentation and Profiling
  • Loyalty and Retention
  • Customer Retention
Supply Chain Analytics
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Logistics Optimization​
Vendor Analytics​
  • Vendor Performance​
  • Procure to Pay Analysis​
  • Accounts Payable and Credit​
Other Analytics​
  • Store Analytics​
  • Merchandize Assortment​
  • Custom Analytics for your needs​