Get a 360° view of your financial data ​

Financial performance information is no longer just a full-length report delivered periodically to investor and executives. As business environments fluctuate over more granular time intervals, it becomes essential to feed financial data into the strategic inputs to optimize operations. Moreover, financial managers are expanding their roles from just being number-crunchers to becoming key risk and strategic management specialists that bring critical financial health information to assess the performance bottlenecks or expectations across the depth and breadth of a company’s profitability. These demands require finance teams to quickly dive into, combine and simulate financial performance areas and benchmark them with industry peers and the overall macroeconomic environment. Rich financial analytics also help champion new venture and capital budgeting initiatives from line managers to achieve well-reasoned growth objectives. ​

Nanobi’s Financial Performance Analytics delivers analytics by asking questions that lead to deeper insight into business problems and thus enabling Organization’s to maximize Revenues and Earnings. Further, these analytics help Organization’s to understand the true profitability of their product or service using the cost allocation engine built into the solution. The Analytics also helps in analysing the performance against multiple budgets or have a single view of financial data across multiple chart of accounts or legal entities for analysis.​

  • Comprehensive data model​
  • Implementation Services​
  • Pre-configured & Extensible Metadata​
  • Extended managed support services for App upgrade and maintenance​
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What We Offer?​

  • A comprehensive performance view of an Organization’s Financials at the Company level as well as at the level of Line of Business or Product through interactive analytics.
  • Integrated and Configurable Allocation Engine that helps Organizations understand the true profitability of its various Lines of Business or Products by allocating Indirect Costs to the Profit Centers of an Organization.
  • Self-driven and intelligent “Competitive Intelligence” framework that delivers related and connected analytics by providing an intuitive visual mash up of Competitors, Industry, Market or Macro Economic data
  • Rich set of analytics across Balance Sheet, Income Statement and other subject areas like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables and Cash flow Analysis thus providing management with effective decision-making capabilities
  • Categorization of the General Ledger information into multiple Reporting Lines thus providing multiple perspectives of Analytics. 
  • The functionality of allocating Indirect Costs to the Profit Centers of an Organization
  • Analysis of performance against the Targets or Budgets and what is that is required to achieve through analytics like Run Rate or To Be Achieved or Maximum / Minimum Achieved over a period
  • Aggregate and consolidation of financials across Legal Entities
  • The analytics also mines the data and helps summarizing the risk across various Warning Signals like;
    • Number of Times Revenue has shown a Negative Growth over the Year
    • Number of Customers constituting 80% of the Receivables
    • Significant Changes in Working Capital​
    • Increasing Financial Leverage​
    • Inventory Build-up over time
    • Reduction in Cash Sales
Customer Analytics​
  • Customer Onboarding for Credit​
  • Customer 360​
  • Loyalty and Retention​
Risk Analytics​
  • Credit Risk for Retail Portfolio​
  • Early Warning​
  • Collection Scoring and Effectiveness​
Marketing Analytics​
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Personalized Cross Sell & Up Sell​
  • Sentiment Analysis
Other Analytics​
  • Talent Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Custom Analytics for your needs​